Payment: An ammount of payment in advance is necessary in order to validate your booking and the rest of the ammount is paid at the local Car Rental station.


Payment Methods:

The following payment methods are generally accepted in Greece:

All major credit cards - Visa, MasterCard.


Driver Age:

The minimum driver age for renting a vehicle is 23 years old and can be differentiated according to the category of vehicle.

The maximum age is 75 years.


Driving License conditions:

Full possession of Greek or International driving license is required that has been acquired at least one year before renting, and is valid at the time of rental period.


Border restrictions

Vehicles are not allowed to cross the Greek border and the island of Astypalaia.


Pick Up Time:

Your vehicle will remain available for up to two hours after the agreed time of delivery, you should contact us if you wish to pick it up after this time.


Included in the booking cost.

Authorised Mileage

The vehicle is provided with unlimited mileage.

Liability insurance

Liability insurance (Civil Liability) provided in accordance with applicable law.

More information is available in local offices.

Roadside Assistance

Provides 24-hour Roadside Assistance.

Local Taxes & Charges

Your reservation includes all taxes and delivery charges.


Advances / Guarantees


The amount approved / charged is mainly the insurance amount and the fuel guarantee. The credit card must be issued to the master driver.


The amount corresponding to any unused rental period is not refundable or credited for future use.

Additional Drivers

Any additional drivers must be arranged and paid locally and are not included in the basic rental price.

Additional drivers must present a passport (or a police identity card) or two alternative forms of identification other than a driving license.


Restrictions Minimum / maximum driver age apply for additional drivers.


Fuel is paid by the customer and the vehicle must be returned with the same amount of fuel received. Any difference is paid locally.

Fines and Penalties

You are responsible for the cost of any fine or other penalty incurred during the rental vehicle by you. The supplier of renting will pass the relevant charge to you adding any administrative expenses.

Delayed Return of vehicle:

If the vehicle is returned later than the time stated in the voucher, the supplier will charge you for the delay.

Special Orders:

Custom orders are available on demand and subject to changes in the availability and the period and are provided depending on location. Satisfaction of special orders can not be guaranteed. For most areas a security deposit is required.

Children / Infant Seats:

Kids / Baby Seats are available with no extra charge (Customer must determine the child's age and the seat installed only by a parent or guardian).

Roof rack:

Not available


Cancellation policy

If you cancel up to 10 days before the scheduled delivery of the vehicle there is no charge. For cancellations made in less time than 10 days of receipt of the vehicle, the cancellation penalty equal to the amount paid upon booking / confirmation.


The Terms and Conditions and prices may change without prior notice.



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