The most important moment of your life has arrived!

You found your other half and decided to spend the rest of your life with him. Perfect!

For your wedding day must also be Perfect, Wonderful, Dreamy, Magical, Unforgettable... At the same time, you want to give your wedding your own unique style whether it's traditional or modern, or a little of both, not an ordinary wedding but with a touch of originality.
Here is where we come in! We can organize all the necessary preparations for you and fulfill your most demanding wishes. For all but those who still have not planned their wedding or who have just entered the process of organization, we suggest to perform their wedding in Astypalea!

The reasons? Many!

Firstly because summer is the most beautiful time of year for party.
Secondly, because the sea exudes a magical aura that always fills us with energy, positive energy!
Third, because the best place that would fit the perfect mood are the white houses and the saltiness.
Fourth, because on the islands there are literally countless wedding traditions that locals have and -believe us- give another touch to the wedding!

We could find another thousand reasons to organize your wedding in Astypalaia.

Astypalea Tours can arrange all the details for your wedding day to remain forever etched in your memory.
Allow us to organize your Astypalean wedding, accommodation and transport to and from Astypalea, along with your guests', filming, photoshoot, the party, the decorations, the music cover (DJ), live orchestra and hairdressers.



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Νέα δρομολόγια για την Αστυπάλαια, χειμερινής περιόδου 2017-2018.